leather feather jewelry
Leather Butterfly & FeatherJewerly
custom fit leather belts
Plain & Tooled Custom-Fit Belts
custom leather guitar straps fully padded
Amazing Guitar Straps

Bright colors bring happiness to most of us and this collection of hand-painted leather feathers and butterfly jewelry.  Because the feathers look so real, it often takes a touch to tell they are leather.  They are extremely light because they are leather.  Each piece is inspired by nature are based on birds and butterflies from all over the world.  They all have one thing in common, the colors!

Belts have always been my best sellers.  Most customers return because they know the belt will fit perfectly . They return because they know they can get a belt in the color and width they need that will last for years, even decades.  They return because I make Belts in all widths for people of all sizes. They do not return to say their belt has worn out but to say they love it and because they want one in another color, knowing it will last.

Guitarists love these Fully Padded Leather Guitar Straps because they provide ultimate comfort so they can play for endless hours without pain.  Once they strap one on they feel the difference. They are available in widths from 1 1/2″ up to 4 ” so musicians can find one to fit their style and needs.  Each one has a hand-tooled design that can’t be found anywhere else. Musicians also love them because the straps are customizable!

custom hand tooled leather guitar strap
Custom Guitar Strap

Log Cabin Leather by Jan creates handmade leather goods in the USA, and custom leather products for men & women who are looking for accessories with superior function, durability, and quality, and are designed for everyday use.

Many products are designed to inspire nature enthusiasts, while others feature original hand-tooled geometric designs.

red cardinal tote bag
Cardinal Leather Tote Bag

No matter which type of product appeals to your senses, you can be assured the handmade leather accessories from Log Cabin Leather by Jan cannot be found anywhere else and are built to last for a lifetime or longer.  I stand behind my products.

My name is Jan Hibbard and my mission is to showcase the natural beauty of our world through my hand-tooled leather goods.  I hope my products remind you of our intimate connection with nature and our dependence on it for survival.

To learn more about the stories behind my handmade leather products, what inspired them, and why leather became my passion…check out My Story.