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Cleaning Leather from COVID-19 Germs

Leather wallets
cleaning weather wallet with cloth

You might’ve heard that your wallet needs a good wipe down during the COVID-19 pandemic, but certain sanitizing methods can ruin the leather, says Hammad Faisal of wallet e-commerce site Aurochs. He says he tried using alcohol on his leather wallet and it changed color the next day, destroying the wallet “beyond repair.”

According to the pros at Aurochs, you can use alcohol to clean your wallet; you just need to be careful about how much moisture you let sit on the leather. Using a 70 percent alcohol solution in distilled water, they recommend gently cleaning the entire surface of your wallet. After that, take a “dry piece of cotton or wool and rub the surface to absorb any excessive amount of leftover liquid”; then leave it to air dry in an “open and well-ventilated place,” but never in the sun.