How Butterflies in Leather Became My Passion


How the Leather Butterfly Jewelry Collection Began


Real Butterflies come in so many intricate shapes.  For many years I wanted to make leather butterfly jewelry and barrettes, but the only butterfly shapes available were the one shown here.  Not very exciting. 

I could draw realistic butterfly shapes, but they were way too difficult to hand cut from leather.

Finally in 2020 just before we went into lock-down from Covid, I purchased a piece of equipment called a Glowforge.  This was a game changer for me.  The Glowforge laser cutter/ engraver could now cut the intricate butterfly shapes I wanted to create.  I could make the pattern and the resize it to make earrings, necklaces and barrettes.


With the Glowforge I can take one pattern and resize it to make a butterfly as small as a dime or large enough for a wall hanging!

How the Butterfly Patterns are Created and Cut


Are you curious about how I create my timeless leather butterfly designs? For over forty years I’ve been making butterflies but now with the help of my Glowforge, I’ll show you how I transform the makings of a hand-drawn pattern, into something magical – a beautiful butterfly.

Tips & Tricks for Selecting the Correct Size or Style Barrette

10 Fun & Interesting Facts about Butterflies that will Surprise You

                                                       Click the image above to learn the 10 facts.

Butterfly Meanings, Symbolism & The Butterfly Spirit Animal + Color Meanings


Butterfly meanings and symbolism include angels, transformation, ephemeral beauty, immortality, fertility, joy, and other powerful qualities. While they only live for a short time, butterflies have existed on Earth long before humans, and they have intrigued us since time immemorial. In fact, butterflies appear in the myths and folklore of people around the world, and many cultures believe in the butterfly spirit animal.

In this post, you’ll learn about butterfly meanings and symbols, butterfly mythology, the butterfly as a spirit guide, and more.

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