8 Great Handmade Leather Gift Ideas for Nature-Loving Moms


Everyone’s Mom is different and they have many different interests.  The ideas presented here are for women who enjoy nature, birds, and butterflies.

If you have women, teens, daughters, and friends that enjoy nature and colors then these ideas will be great for them.



The Butterfly shown here is called a Crowned Hairstreak as you can see, it was the inspiration for the Butterfly Necklace and Earring set shown above.

It can be found in the coastal areas of Mexico to Ecuador.


Butterfly Nature Gifts Under $60.

Monarch Butterfly Necklace & Earring Set
  1. I wish to capture the joy found in nature’s beauty with these leather Butterfly Necklace and Earring Sets.  The necklaces are strung on leather cords and can adjust from short to long and any length in between.  The earrings have surgical steel wires, some in silver and some in gold.  $49.-$53.

The Butterfly jewelry shown here is based on a Monarch. Both the monarchs can be identified by the white spots on the edges of their wings.

The one below is called a Rainbow Monarch. Who do you know that would love this set.  I think it is now my personal favorite.

2.  Leather Butterfly Barrettes are another unique gift that can’t be found anywhere else.  They are available with hair clips as well as the stick style.  Barrettes are available to match the Butterfly Jewelry Sets.

If you are looking for a gift for a teen or daughter these are great as well.  They are suitable for anyone with long hair and will be a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.  $16.-$20.


3.  Leather Butterfly Earrings

These gorgeous, hand-painted, one of a kind earrings, will catch the eyes of many admirers. Furthermore, they are made from eco-friendly leather and paints. 

They are about 3 1/2″ long.  Because they are made of leather they are as light as a feather so they will not stretch your ear holes.

Which colors would your mom like?


Leather Jewelry Gift Ideas

White Oak
Mootmot Leather Feather Collection
Sweet Nectar Collection

4. Leather Leaf Jewelry

Oak leaves, maples, birches,  and ginkgo are just some of the real leaves represented in this collection of leather leaf necklaces, earrings, hair clips, and stick barrettes.                       $24. – $52.

5. Leather Feather Jewelry

The colors of the leather feather jewelry in this collection are based on the color of real birds.  Feather Earrings are available in 4 lengths as well as in necklaces, cuffs, barrettes, and pins. The more matching pieces bought the bigger the savings.       $16. – $69.

6. Leather Butterfly and Flower Earrings 

These gorgeous, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind earrings, will catch the eyes of many admirers. Furthermore, they are made from eco-friendly leather and paints.    $28.

More Great Handmade Leather Gift Ideas for Nature Loving Moms

Forever Leather Book Covers are Special Gifts

7. Leather Notepad Covers

Leather Notepad/Padfolio Covers are refillable.  They hold any 5×8″ top-bound notepad.  With additional interior pockets and a pen holder, they are the perfect accessory for business or pleasure.   Many other designs are available.   $150.


The first notepad cover I ever made was something I designed for my mother.  It had a Baltimore Oriole on the front.  The pattern came from a magazine.

To create my nature scenes now, I use patterns for the animals and draw the scenery freehand.  Every carved scene is different.

Loon Family

8. Leather Journal Covers

Refillable Leather Journal Covers are another nice option for nature lovers.  What better way to record your adventures and stories than in a forever leather keepsake journal.  The one shown here holds a standard 5 x 7 journal.  The pen on the side locks the book closed and keeps the contents safe and secure and the pen is always ready when you need to record a special moment.   $135.