Handmade Leather Book Covers and the Stories Behind Them.


Inspired by the beauty of nature, let these one-of-a-kind hand-carved book covers open the pathways of your imagination.

Enjoy the experience:  Enjoy the aroma of the leather and let your thoughts drift.  For most, it reminds us of times gone by.

Feel the unique texture of the carving and let your thoughts flow onto the paper.  Don’t worry, you won’t run out of paper, all Book Covers are refillable, so write to your heart’s content.

Keep all your essentials organized inside and at your fingertips for work, school or travel.

No matter where your thoughts and dreams take you there is a cover the perfect size to travel with you.  All journals, planners, notepads, and sketch books are refillable so they can be lifelong companions, as you journey through life, and may even become family heirlooms.

The pictures on each leather cover are composed, carved and painted by hand and each is as unique as you are.

My love of animals and nature developed as a child and has always been a topic dear to my heart.  I hope each of my covers will inspire you to connect with nature.  All creatures great and small are part of the circle of life and need to be respected.  

I hope you will dream big, go out explore and record your adventures while leaving minimal impact for those who follow.  

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