How you helped Log Cabin Leather by Jan become a reality.

I am thrilled that everyone who uses my handmade leather accessories knows they are getting a quality product worthy of a lifetime of hard use, and one which is sure to become a lifelong keepsake.

   I have been a self-taught leather artisan since 1977.   It all began when I was a college student in Boston, MA.  Barnes & Noble opened it’s first bookstore in downtown Boston.  I always dabbled in all sorts of crafts, so I went to the craft section in the bookstore.  I found a book on leatherwork for $2 and it mentioned 2 leather supply companies in the South Station area of the city.  I took the subway there the next day.  I bought my first hide of leather and my first  hand tools.  The first item I ever made was leather vest, which I still wear today. 

As I explored leather further I taught myself how to carve nature scenes.    I have always had an fascination with animals and I wanted to reflect this in my leather pieces.  I have lived in New Hampshire most of my life and the pictures  in my North American Collection, reflect the beauty of it’s landscapes.  The majestic mountains, breathtaking waterfalls,  rushing rivers, amazing sunsets, the  fall foliage and the variety of  wildlife living there have become my inspirations.  I have now expanded my Collections to include a Rainforest and an Artic Collection.    I make a line of Native American style items as well. Everything is made in my workshop in the basement of our log cabin home.

Then one day…

My father’s store bought leather belt broke, so I started to created  hand stamped design on belts.  I figured out how to add color that would not wear off, creating my own unique techniques. My father is gone now, but the belt lives on (I still wear it)!

The two wholesale companies in Boston, and one outside the city became my main suppliers. I loved the fact that I could hand pick each hide assuring I received the quality I was looking for.
Several years later, all three companies closed, and I now had to mail order my supplies, thus increasing costs and diminishing quality control.

Suppliers were difficult to find that could deliver a consistent quality product at an affordable price and I was concerned that the price point for my unique hand tooled leather items was more than some would want to pay.

Customers liked… 

the quality and craftsmanship of my belts and the fact my buckles are removable. Many love the enduring qualities of my hand tooled and painted items, and so my line of products increased with demand.  Leather is such an amazing medium to work with as my skills improved so did my product lines! 

I decided I set out to create the most unique, durable, quality leather goods I could, for busy people who demand long lasting products, that are functional while providing style and comfort for years to come, no matter where life adventures take them.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined. One of the most difficult things for me has been to learn to market and promote my handmade leather products. My father was my salesman. He was an editor and publisher and I really wish he was around to help me write press releases now.

I continue to plug on creating products based on ideas from customers and my product line and customer base have  expanded. Log Cabin Leather has now grown to become one of the best known companies in the north eastern United States for functional hand tooled leather accessories.