Belt Selection Made Easy ~ Selecting a Custom Leather Belt


Selecting a custom leather belt online can be confusing and overwhelming.  Today I am going to try to simplify the process for you.  I have previously discussed Price vs Quality when selecting a custom leather belt.

I am now going to share the four steps and decisions that need to be made once you’ve found belts that match the quality and price point you’re looking for.

1. Select the Width

Wide Belts

A. Look at the Belt Loops on Your Pants 

Belts come in widths up to 1 3/4″, but not all pants can accommodate a belt that wide.  Most jeans will take the wide width, but not all. 

Belts 1 1/2″ and 1 1/4″ are the most common widths for men.  Dress pants usually use a 1 1/4″ Belt.

For women, it depends on what you are wearing the belt for.  Is it to hold up your pants or as an accessory for a dress or special outfit?  Belts are available as narrow as 1/2″ wide up to a 2″ width.  

Remember All Belts are Custom Fit lengthwise so that is Not an issue.

2. Do you want a Plain Belt or one with a Hand-Tooled Design?

solid-color-leather-belt s
Plain Leather Belts
Tooled Leather Belts

This is by far the most difficult choice.

Plain Leather Belts are available in a variety of colors.  For a  rugged work belt, black or dark brown are the most common choice.

To go with casual or dressier clothes… think about your Shoes and other Accessories.  Is there a Belt color that’s similar?  See the color choices below.

Medium Brown
Dark Brown

 If you have decided on a Hand-Tooled Leather Belt, the decision process becomes more difficult.

Once again, think of your clothing.  What colors do you wear most often? … Jeans, Cackies, black, brown?



If you tend to wear black or brown pants, Leather Belts in an antique black, shown here, go great with both black or brown.



If you like the belts with color and you wear jeans, belts with some blue in them look awesome and dress things up a bit.



I wear a lot of blue/green clothing so a belt with the turquoise blue goes great.

What colors do you wear?

3/4" hand tooled leather belts
3/4" Belts
hand tooled leather belts one inch wide
1" Belts
1 1/4" Belts
1 1/2" Belts
1 3/4" Belts

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3. Select a Buckle

There are 2 choices to make when selecting a buckle.

Ask yourself ~ What color goes best?  What color watch, jewelry, or other everyday accessories do you wear?  Do you care if the hardware matches?

Do you have metal allergies?  The nickel finish is not for you or me, you’re better with brass.

Do you have a special buckle you want to use instead?  Great, just make sure the belt you’re selecting is the proper width for the buckle.



A. The Finish ~Brass or Nickel over Brass?

If you have allergies to nickel, then a Brass Buckle is your best option.

If the type of metal is of no concern, go by color.  What goes better with your accessories, jewelry, watchband?



B. Buckle Shape

All belts have a removable buckle with the exception of the 1/2″ belts.   All Belts have center bar buckles which eliminate the need for an extra keeper (loop).

Three shapes are available ~ Horseshoe Oval, and Rectangle.

buckle shapes & finishes

4. Length

Determining the length belt to order can be confusing especially if you are buying the belt as a gift.



If you have an old belt: 

Measure from the leather at the buckle end to the hole the belt is currently fastened on. This will be the center hole on the new belt.

Use a tape measure:
Use a tape measure to get your actual waist measurement. This will be the center hole on new belt with 2 holes on either side.

The last belt hole will be 4″ from the tip of the belt, with 2 holes before and 2 after the measured hole.  The Holes are 1″ apart.

If you would like your belt sized differently please specify.