Bird Themed Gift Ideas: Great for Nature Lovers

How Birds became the subject of my Leather Carvings

When many of us begin to create crafts, the products we make are given or made for family and friends.  The same holds true for me. 

Once I discovered leather, most of the original products I created were designed as gifts for my parents.

This month I will be sharing the stories of how and why birds became the centerpiece for many of my earliest leather carvings.


  Learn why handmade leather gifts with bird carvings make terrific gifts for bird lovers when you’re looking for something that will leave a lasting impression.

My mother was a bird lover. In 1964 my dad gave her the bird book shown here for Christmas.  She enjoyed watching birds that landed in the bird feeder attached to the picture window in our dining room. 

Every time my mom saw a new bird she would use the book to identify it and then recorded the date and location.



My mom is gone now and that bird book has become one of my most prized possessions.  I have kept up the tradition by recording the birds I see from my homes, first in Contoocook, and now in Webster,  New Hampshire just like my mother.

Learn How Birds Inspired my Leather Feather Jewelry

If you have a friend or a loved one out there that is a bird lover, there are plenty of gift items on the market to choose from.  But if you want something truly unique that any Bird Lover will be thrilled to own and something they will love, use and cherish for years to come… something that will become a forever keepsake that will inspire their everyday moments.

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