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Tuesday 17th October 2017

Leather is one of man’s earliest and most versatile discoveries.


Egyptian tombs, dating back to 5000 B.C., were decorated with wall paintings that showed sandals, bottles, shelters and more made of leather. In Roman times, shields for soldiers were most likely made of leather rather than heavier metals.  During the Middle Ages, leather was used to cover chairs for its ease of cleaning; but, also, because doesn’t hold onto odors.  In late ‘20’s, the first leather motorcycle jacket was made by Harley Davidson solidifying leather as a symbol of rebel culture.


As civilizations evolved, new ways of manipulating the appearance of leather, for purpose and for beauty, was often possible because of its strong, durable properties. The strength of leather comes from a unique structural composition made up of millions of tiny fibers, grouped in   together into even thicker fibers; all being woven together in an intricate pattern. These patterns create channels allowing air to flow through, perspiration to pass and provides elasticity. This is why leather typically lasts a life time, if properly cared for.


For almost four decades, Jan Hibbard, owner of Log Cabin Leather (named for her studio space at her homestead of a log cabin), has been complimenting the durability of leather with captivating hand-made carvings of landscapes, geometric patterns and wild life. Once the carving is complete the leather canvas transforms into functional items; such as wallets, guitar straps, belts and other leather goods.

The art of carving on leather began for Jan when she stumbled on a “how-to” book in the late 70’s. That $2 book then led Jan to local suppliers and the start of her business. From there, she taught herself how to perfect her talents and grow the quality of her brand.  Log Cabin Leather has now grown to become one of the best-known companies in the North East for functional hand tooled leather accessories and has been featured by NBC, FOX, and the Huffington Post.


At Log Cabin Leather, the process begins with selecting a quality, leather canvas that will complement the art being created. Much of the inspirations comes from the beautiful Devonshire landscapes in NH that surrounds the studio with its wild open moors, deep valleys and dense forests. Patterns are used for the animals, but the scenery and composition of the picture is always different being hand done.  The more detailed trees, rocks, mountains, animals or the smaller the picture the more focus and talent it takes to carve.

The finishing touches come from the choice of colors that often are thought of when the piece of leather is selected. “Carving the nature scenes onto the leather is a craft, but painting the scenes is an art, “ Jan explains. Every painting is as different as every hide and its inconsistency’s makes working with the fabric always dynamic. When the paint is absorbed, a protective coating goes on to ensure lasting beauty.

Each product from Log Cabin Leather comes down to a combination of elements: inspiration from nature, the right selection of hand-tools, quality craftsmanship and patience to make each piece a unique work of art.  View Log Cabin Leather’s full line of leather artistry on its website that includes additional collections of originally arranged geometric patterns, scenes of the rain forest, Arctic wildlife, and native American items. To see the quality and beauty up close, stop by the Log Cabin Leather booth at a craft show. Often Jan will be working on new creations during the event so you can see her artistry in action.

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