Coloring Hand Tooled Leather Belts

Adding Color to Hand Tooled Leather Belts

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This week is all about adding color to my Hand Tooled Leather Belts.  There are many ways to add color .  Traditional methods include liquid dyes or acrylic paint.  After many years of experimentation Log Cabin Leather has come up with a great solution.  Watch the video to find out more.

The Maker Monday series was planned as a LIVE series on Facebook every Monday.  For some reason I am now having difficulty broadcasting LIVE on Facebook.

Maker Monday will be broadcast on YouTube if I cannot get it to work on Facebook.

Tool Trivia Tuesday

Did you play Tool Trivia this week.  Did you guess what the tool is called or what it is used for?


It is simply called a corner punch.  It is used to round off the corners of leather projects.  I use it on belts to round off the corners at the buckle end.

I hope you will join me every Tuesday to play this game.    Just reply in the comment to play along.                                                                       Participants will receive a special offer!

Workshop Wednesday

Adding Color to Hand Tooled Belts

The Workshop Wednesday video this week was a dud.  I tried to record it LIVE on Facebook and on Zoom.  It didn’t work.  In the video I showed the techniques I use to add color to the hand tooled belts.  I discussed how I get the two-tone effects, and what is used to achieve the dye resist.  I took 3 leather strips with the same design and showed how the different dye techniques change the entire look of the project.

Flashback Friday

Original Contour V Belt
Original Oval Contour Belt

The Flashback Friday series takes  you on a trip back in time to see some of the older products created by Log Cabin Leather by Jan.

The two belts pictured above are belts I made for myself.  Both were made in the 1980’s!  I still have both.  

The V Belt had snaps on both sides.  This was comfortable, but didn’t allow for too much adjustment.  I later started using button studs which allowed the belt to adjust to multiple sizes.

The oval belt was designed later.  It buckled in the back which allowed the belt to adjust to more sizes, but was very uncomfortable to lean on.  It caused a lot of discomfort while driving.

The button studs provide the solution to these problems:                All Designer Belts adjust to multiple sizes, and are comfortable        to wear!   

Designer Belts are no longer part of my current product lines.


Spotlight Saturday

The video below spotlights some of the  current Hand Tooled Leather Belts.  All are hand colored and dyed using the techniques shown above.

All belts are custom fit at the time of purchase and come with a choice of buckles.  To see the current belt selections from Log Cabin Leather by Jan, click the shop now button below.

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