Innovative Handmade Leather Guitar Straps the Best of the Best!


The Addition Of Guitar Straps to my product line grew out of a need, not by me as I have no musical ability, but rather by musicians.
The innovative style of my straps developed as guitarists and bass players expressed the problems they had with their current straps.

Log Cabin Leather Guitar Straps are here to help provide solutions!   All straps are padded the full length of the strap and will provide ultimate comfort so you can play for hours without any aches or soreness.

Each one-of-a-kind leather guitar strap is designed to help you reach your musical dreams. With our specialized products, you get the comfort you need so you can unleash your spirit, passion, and creativity without having to worry about the pain.

With our gorgeous straps, you can play your instrument of choice with the comfort and satisfaction that your pain won’t keep you from the joy you deserve!  With Log Cabin Leather Guitar Straps, you can bring back the joy you once had!

Fully Padded Leather Guitar Straps Provide Ultimate Comfort

I set out on a mission to create the most incredible straps I could.  Many said straps needed more padding. Most straps on the market had small little shoulder pads that slipped over the strap. 

I created straps that are fully padded not just at the shoulder, but for the entire strap.  It cannot slip out of place while playing.  My straps provide maximum comfort so you can play for hours comfortably!  I created straps in 5 widths to accommodate the different sizes and weights of instruments.  


Strap One on and Feel the Difference

Does Pain prevent you from the joy you once had while playing your beloved bass or guitar?  Long hours of practice are required to achieve greatness, but the pain is holding you back.

Tired of having sore shoulders after long practice sessions? Check out our handmade leather guitar straps for hours of playing enjoyment! Our leather guitar straps are made from the highest quality leather and are designed to support your back in style and comfort.

At Log Cabin Leather Guitar Straps are fully padded and provide ultimate so you can play for endless hours without pain and become a star! 


Custom Fit Straps for all Playing Styles

Each one of us is unique.  Each of us has a different body shape and each musician holds their instrument in their own unique way.  Straps should be an extension of oneself, so I created straps with many adjustment options.  Select straps that adjust at one end or both so you can express your own unique style. Get your hands on one and take your performance to the next level!


7 Reasons Guitar Straps from Log Cabin Leather are Superior.

Log Cabin Leather is the premier provider of premium guitar straps, designed for ultimate comfort and style. Here are seven reasons why our straps are superior to the rest and will allow you to rock out in style and stay comfortable at the same time! With Log Cabin Leather guitar straps, you’ll never go out of style – so get rocking!

Guitar straps from Log Cabin Leather are superior for 7 reasons:

1) They are handcrafted with the highest quality leather and materials, ensuring they last longer and look great on stage;

2) They feature adjustable lengths  allowing you to customize your strap based on your individual needs;

3) They offer stylish designs in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect look to match your own style;

4) The straps are Fully Padded and are designed to provide the utmost playing comfort, so you can focus on your performance and sound and not get distracted not back & shoulder pain.  Strap one on and you’ll feel the difference!

5) Log Cabin Leather’s superior customer service provides excellent support and makes custom requests easy and stress-free.  Get your Custom guitar strap from Log Cabin Leather today!

6) We offer five different widths to accommodate any playing style and instrument

7)  All straps accept strap locks to keep your instrument safe and secure.

Don’t let pain prevent you from playing your beloved bass or guitar like you used to!  You’ll never go out of style – so get rocking!

We’ve got something special for all the guitarists and music lovers out there—check out our leather guitar straps! We offer five different widths to accommodate any playing style and instrument. Plus, all straps accept strap locks to keep your instrument safe and secure. 

Log Cabin Leather Guitar Straps are the epitome of craftsmanship and comfort. Here are five reasons why they’re superior:

1. Choose from a variety of stylish, unique designs or customize them to match your individual style.
2. The straps are made from high-quality leather that’s been tanned in the USA, ensuring that they last.
3. Log Cabin Leather uses thick, soft padding to provide superior comfort and protection for your beloved instrument.
4. All straps are adjustable and will accept strap locks, making them suitable for all sizes, shapes, and playing styles.
5. Select from a leather or suede lining to suit your needs.

Experience the superior craftsmanship and comfort of Log Cabin Leather Guitar Straps and  you’ll never go out of style – so get rocking today!