Innovative Leather Guitar Straps

The addition Of Guitar Straps to my product line grew out of a need, not by me as I have no musical ability, but rather from musicians.
The innovative style of my straps developed as guitarists and bass players expressed the problems they had with their current straps.

Does Pain prevent you from the joy you once had while playing your beloved bass or guitar?  Long hours of practice are required to achieve greatness, but the pain is holding you back.

At Log Cabin Leather Guitar Straps are fully padded and provide ultimate so you can play for endless hours without pain and  become a star!

I set out on a mission to create the most incredible straps I could.  Many said straps needed more padding. Most straps on the market had small little shoulder pads that slipped over the strap.  I created straps that are fully padded not just at the shoulder, but for the entire strap.  It cannot slip out of place while playing.  My straps provide maximum comfort so you can play for hours comfortably!  I created straps in 5 widths to accommodate different size and weight instruments.  

Each one of us is unique.  Each of us has a different body shape and each musician holds their instrument in their own unique way.  Straps should be an extension of one self, so I created straps with many adjustment options.  Select straps that adjust at one end or both so you can  express your own unique style.

Each straps can be adjusted in length.  The strap detaches with a screw, but it does not touch the back of the strap and will not scratch your instrument.  If you’re interested in a belt that will not scratch the back of your beloved instrument, check out the mechanic’s belts below. 

Every strap  also has multiple attachment options as well- button holes, tie on straps, adjustment straps so they will allow use with both acoustic and electric guitars. 


Furthermore, all straps can be customized, so you can make any uniquely yours.   Want custom initials, like a strap, but want it in a different color?  Just ask.  Customer Satisfaction is my ultimate goal.                     


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Straps 2" wide
Straps 2 1/2" wide
guitar straps leather
Straps 3" wide
custom hand tooled leather guitar straps d
Straps 3 1/2" wide
padded leather guitar strap
Straps 4" wide

A Mechanic Belt may be the solution.  The buckle is built-in and hooks from the inside, therefore no metal buckle is exposed to scratch the back of your instrument.  No  longer will you need to remove your buckle or turn it sideways to prevent scratching.