Making Leather Leaf Jewelry Behind the Scenes


This weeks blog is all about the creation of my leather leaf jewelry.  I will share the stories of what inspired the collection, why I selected the leaf shapes I have, and how the leaves are created in leather.

Join me next week to learn how the color is added to the leather feather and the leather leaf jewelry.

In this Maker Monday Episode I will discuss what inspired the leather leaf shapes.  Discover which  leaf products were created first and their connection to Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum. Click on the image below to watch.

Did you watch the video and learn what the Tool Trivia tool is called and how it is used?

It is called a Hair Blade.  It’s main purpose is to make fur look real when carving mammals on leather such as on the pandas shown here.

In the video, I use the hair blade to create the veins on the leather feather jewelry.  If you watched last week’s Workshop Wednesday video you would have also seen the tool being used.

In the photo below the hair blade is used to create the fine feather details.

The Flashback Friday segment of this blog and also on my Facebook page, is usually as it says , a flashback of products made long ago.  I have only been making the jewelry for a couple of years, so I decided to share some photos from Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, since it is my connection there, that influenced this collection.

The Catalpa tree shown in the lower photo is right next to the space where I set up at the pow wow.

The pow wow is on the grounds of the Indian museum in Warner and is always the second weekend in July.  This year the date is July 11-12.  It is a fun event for the entire family!  I hope you will join us.

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Jan Hibbard was born and raised in Wakefield, Mass. My love of animals and my interest in crafts developed as a child. My journey with leather began 42 years ago as I working on my teaching degree in Boston. Barnes & Noble opened in downtown Boston and I found a book on leatherwork. It mentioned 2 leather companies located in Boston. I went there the next day and I purchased my first hide of leather and a few tools. I made a leather vest which I still wear today. My LOVE of leather was born and it continues to grow.


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