Butterfly Dream Catchers


Dream Catchers will protect the sleeper from bad dreams and allow only good dreams to enter their minds. Butterflies symbolize the power of personal transformation and growth.

These one-of-a-kind Butterfly Dreamcatchers combine both of these powerful symbols and are truly unique!


Butterfly Dream Catchers ~ a Beautiful, Meaningful Way to Catch Your Dreams!

For years Log Cabin Leather by Jan has created original handmade leather goods inspired by nature.                                                                                                                                                                        This collection combines Dreamcatchers, inspired by the American Indian culture, and Butterflies together, to create this amazing collection of Butterfly Dream Catchers!

Butterfly Dreamcatcher Brown 9" Dream Catcher with 2 Blue Crowned Hairstreak Leather Butterflies.
The American Indians believe that the web of the dream catcher protects the sleeper from bad dreams while letting good ones pass through.  It provides comfort and peace of mind as well as protection against nightmares.

The beautiful dream catcher design has been around for generations because it is so powerful! 


The Symbolism of Butterflies

 The butterfly spirit animal is one of the most symbolic animals that’s associated with personal transformation. When the butterfly totem appears to you in your dreams or in your daily life, you are being encouraged to be more sensitive to your personal growth and expansion. Butterflies signify the transition from an old life to a new life, from a state of ignorance to a state of awareness, from hard to a better life…
  • The petroglyphs of the Southwest frequently depict butterflies which are also seen on the jewelry, pottery, and on Navajo rugs. Here, butterflies usually symbolize fertility.
  • For the Zuni tribe, multicolored butterflies are the symbols of life and beauty. 

3" Butterfly Dream Catchers


 These one-of-a-kind Butterfly Dreamcatchers can’t be found anywhere else- don’t miss out on your chance to own something truly unique.

These mini dreamcatchers are perfect to hang from your rear view mirror, in a camper, or any compact area.

Luna Dreams is a Fresh Green color, Ulysses Dreams is turquoise,and Metalmark Dreams is red in color.

                                                                          $ 24.00

4" to 7" Butterfly Dream Catchers

           Violet Copper  4″  Dreamcatcher

The color purple has always been associated with royalty and wealth. Seeing a purple butterfly may indicate that an important person may soon make an appearance in your life.

Dreaming of a butterfly represents spiritual, mental, or emotional transformation, success, manifestation, growth, and new discoveries of your inner truth. 

Let this beautiful Violet dreamcatcher bring riches into your home.


  Ulysses 5″ Dropped-Web Dream Catcher

Dreams of a purple butterfly are a great omen signifying happiness, delight, prosperity, and wealth. … Seeing the purple butterfly flying through the sky during a dream is associated with gain. Turning to ancient folklore the color purple signifies riches and that prosperity will soon be yours.

This beautiful 5″ Purple Dropped Web Dreamcatcher is adorned with Ulysses Butterflies in purple and black. 


      Great Teal Hairstreak  6″ Dreamcatcher

In some cultures, spotting a teal blue butterfly is thought to bring sudden good luck. Blue butterflies are also considered wish-granters. Spotting a blue butterfly means that a wish one makes or made will come true. A blue-colored butterfly is often thought to symbolize joy and happiness.

Surround yourself and fill your dreams with happiness with this one-of-a-kind 6″ Teal Great Hairstreak Dreamcatcher.


            Pink Ulysses 7″ Dreamcatcher

  If you see a pink butterfly flying, it has been sent to ease you and tell you that you must not take things so seriously in life and to look straight ahead at your goals..

Native American tribes all had different meanings for the butterfly. Some tribes saw it as a symbol of a dream, some as a symbol of joy.

This Pink Hairstreak Dreamer is perfect for those who need focus and stay on track without being too serious.


9" Butterfly Dream Catchers

               Aqua Cloudwing 9″ Dreamcatcher

A green butterfly dreamcatcher is a symbol of good. It also represents love, prosperity,  abundance, renewal, growth and nature. It is harmonizing, balancing and calming and will bring healing energy as you dream.

butterfly is a symbol of happiness and good luck that will follow you in the future period. When a butterfly crosses your path, it is also a sign that you have to leave your past behind you and to embrace all changes that are about to come into your life.


       Brown Crowned Hairstreak 9″ Dreamcatcher

The dream catcher is a representation of unity, wholeness, and oneness in Native American culture. The circles represent the eternal cycle of life with no beginning or end. Dream catchers are traditionally believed to protect from bad dreams that come through one hole near its center while letting good dreams pass without interference by means of another opening lower down, eventually emerging out below to drift into the mind of the dreamer.


10" to 12"Dream Catchers

Monarch 10" Dream Catcher
Blue Morpho 12 " Dream Catcher

When monarch butterflies show up in dreams it represents metamorphosis, transformation, and the evolution of thoughts and actions.

Blue butterflies are rare and a breathtaking example of Mother Nature at her finest. Because of their beauty, blue butterflies are thought to have special significance because convey the emotions of beauty, joy, and hope.  A person who sees a blue butterfly is believed to be very lucky. It is thought to be our departed loved ones speaking to us.  What a wonderful way to those we have lost close close in our memories.

blue butterfly in a dream can mean pure dreams coming true. Seeing a large brightly colored blue butterfly indicates something fun will occur. Blue is also connected to dreams and reaching for high goals. … Remember, that the butterfly as a symbol can represent a new approach to life.


Double Web Dream Catcher

                                                        Double White 7″  Dreamcatcher

 This the perfect to give as a wedding gift.  Something that no one else will have.

This Wedding Dreamcatcher shows unity, the two circles join together and become one.  The two butterflies that adorn this Double Dreamcatcher are joining together as well.


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Blue Morpho, Cloudwing, Crowned Hairstreak, Double White, Fuchsia Hairstreak, Great Teal Hairstreak, Luna, Metalmark, Monarch, Ulysses, Ulysses Drop 5, Violet Copper


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