Curved Guitar Straps the Most Comfortable Strap Around



The insane curved design of these straps provides ultimate comfort so you can play for hours on end without pain.  It contours to your body and keeps the strap from rubbing on your neck.  $199. to $239.



Wrap yourself in comfort so you can Play Without Pain for hours and feel great!


The straps in the Play Without Pain Collection add even another dimension to the already amazing comfort provided by the fully padded strap. 

 Furthermore the unique curved design of these straps wraps around you and snugs you in comfort.  The strap contours so it fits in between your backbones and it prevents the strap from rubbing on your neck as well.  This ultimate curved design along with the unsurpassed padding will allow hours of playing pleasure without pain.  They are available in widths up to 4″ so they are the perfect companion for heavy guitars such as a Les Paul or a Fender  Stratocaster or heavy bass. 

– The most comfortable leather guitar strap you’ll ever own
– Enjoy playing your guitar all day long!
– Custom made with a padded shoulder and wide waistband for ultimate comfort
– Play for hours without pain – Fully adjustable to fit any size player


Watch the video below to learn more about these straps.

The straps in the Play Without Pain Collection feature a never seen before design.

  •  Play without Pain straps have a unique curved design.  
  • The strap contours to your body and wraps between your backbone for amazing comfort. 
  • They work for both left and right handed players. 
  • The straps adjust at one end only.
  • The curved design keeps the strap from rubbing against your neck.
  • They are available in 5 widths from 2 to 4.
  • Great strap if you have a heavy instrument like a Les Paul.

Play without Pain Premium Curved Guitar Straps provide unsurpassed comfort like no other strap you’ve tried.  The proof is in the padding.  Strap one on and feel the difference.

Each strap includes 1/2″ of padding sandwiched between 2 layers of leather.  Linings are available in leather or suede.  A suede lining holds the instrument in place.  The leather lining allows the instrument to slide around when desired.  Whichever you choose, the proof is in the padding.  Strap one on and feel the difference. 

Straps in the Play without Pain Guitar Strap Collection come in a variety of widths so you are sure to find one that meets your needs. The wider straps are especially comforting if you play a heavy bass. You’ll never go back to another strap once you try one of these!

An adjustment strap at one end allows the strap to accommodate a variety of playing styles. Whether you hold your instrument down low or up high the strap will adjust.  The padded strap has button holes at each end and can be used separately. The small strap can be removed completely if you hold your instrument up high.  The small adjustment strap can be fed through the slots many different ways to change the overall strap length.

Tie down straps are also included providing you with an another attachment option.


Do you suffer from Buckle Rash?


The belts shown above are the perfect accessory to compliment  my guitar straps.  If your tired of scratching your instrument on your belt buckle here is the solution.  The buckle hooks on the inside.  No metal is exposed to scratch.  

Purchase a guitar strap/ belt combo and save.



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