Custom Hand Tooled Leather Guitar Straps


Custom Hand Tooled Leather Guitar Straps will provide amazing comfort for hours of playing pleasure.  Bass players love the 3 1/2″ straps because they provide exceptional comfort for the heavy instruments.  Strap one and feel the difference!




The custom hand tooled leather guitar straps shown here are 3 1/2 ” wide, are fully padded, and are adjustable. 

 You’ll be playing in style when you use one of these handmade leather Guitar Straps. The hand-tooled leather designs are originals, therefore they are unique as you are.  They cannot be found anywhere else. Furthermore, customers love the comfort that the fully padded strap provides.  Above all, a full 1/2″ of foam padding, in between the hand-tooled strap and the lining is what makes these straps superior to others.  Choose the lining you prefer- leather or suede.

Whether you are a professional player or an amateur, these custom hand-tooled leather guitar straps will provide hours of unsurpassed comfort so you can play for hours on end without suffering from back, neck, and shoulder pain!   The 3 1/2″ width is perfect for a heavy guitar or bass.

  • Hand-tooled original designs

  • 1/2″ foam padding

  • 100% real leather

  • choice of lining- leather or suede

  • multiple attachment options

  • free custom lettering or logo

  • accepts strap locks



In addition, many options are available when you order a custom hand tooled leather guitar strap. 

Most importantly, straps are also available in 5 other widths so you are sure to find one to fit your needs!  ( 1 1/2″ straps are not shown)

Strap one on and you’ll never go back to another strap!

Wondering how long it will take to receive your custom hand-tooled leather guitar strap?  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Remember free custom lettering or a logo can be added to a custom guitar strap.

Bob with Guitar strap 1306B

Do you suffer from Buckle Rash?

The Musician’s Delight Collection- includes a variety of Leather Guitar Straps with Matching belts.  Many belts are available to match the handmade leather guitar straps shown here.

 Musicians love that the belt hooks from the inside, leaving no metal buckle exposed to scratch the back of your instrument or pinch your stomach while playing.  Belts come with matching tooled designs in addition to  solid colors.

Q: After a long gig, I was horrified to see that my brand-new guitar has small scratches and dings on the back. I can see that this will quickly become an eyesore, and will probably hurt the resale value of my guitar down the road. Is there a good way to prevent this?

A: Yes! What you are seeing is what’s commonly referred to as “buckle rash” on a guitar. It comes from the back of the instrument rubbing against or bumping into a belt buckle as you play.  Here is a unique product, now on the market, that has been designed to keep your new guitar looking new – The Buckle Rash Belt!

Most importantly, the belts from the Musician’s Delight Collection feature a special buckleless belt.  The belt hooks on the inside and no metal is exposed to scratch the instrument.  The belts are available in three widths and is solid colors or with designs to match the handmade leather guitar strap of your choice.  All belts are custom fit at time of purchase, so you are sure to get a perfect fit!

Additional information

Weight1.10 lbs
Dimensions11.75 × 8 × 4.75 in

Leather, Suede


1306A, 1306B, 1306c, 1306D


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