Genuine Leather Belts 1 1/2″ wide


Premium Solid Leather Belts will provide lasting quality and style for both business and casual wear.


Genuine Leather Belts 1 1/2" Wide

Leather Belt Making Behind the Scenes
1 1/2' Plain Leather belts in 6 colors


Genuine Leather Belts 1 1/2 ” wide are elegantly crafted from quality leather hides.  Each belt is hand-cut from a solid piece of US  veg-tanned cowhide.  They will not fall apart.  These solid leather belts are factory dyed.  Furthermore, beveling and burnishing the edges adds extra style, comfort, and wear.    If you demand excellence, this is a belt you’ll be proud to own.


Select Buckle Shape and Finish



Another feature customers love is the detachable buckles. If you have a western or trophy buckle that needs a new belt,  look no further.   In addition, choose from two buckle finishes- brass or nickel over brass,  and select from 3 styles- oval, horseshoe, or rectangle.  Select one that best fits your wardrobe needs. 





If you are looking for a great birthday gift or matching belts for a wedding party, gift cards are a perfect choice. Because they determine the length and placement for the holes it assures they receive a perfectly fitting belt that they will cherish. 

These gorgeous belts are a  welcome addition to any wardrobe, and they are as functional as they are handsome.  Each belt you purchase will endure life’s adventures for many years to come.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a Big Men’s Leather Belt, this is the place.  All belts are available in lengths up to 60+”, so there is something here for everyone.  Since every belt will be custom fit you’ll get a perfectly fitting belt.

  • hand-cut
  • custom fit
  • removable buckles
  • choice of 3 center bar buckle styles
  • select brass or nickel over brass buckles
  • factory dyed
  • beveled and burnished edges for added comfort
  • 1 1/2″ wide
  • available in 5 colors

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How to Determine the Correct Belt Length to Order

If you have an old belt:                  Measure from the leather at the buckle end to the hole the belt is currently fastened on. This will be the center hole on the new belt.

Use a tape measure:                           Use a tape measure to get your actual waist measurement. This will be the center hole on the new belt with 2 holes on either side.

If you have your own buckle:          Measure from the Knob/prong on the back of the buckle to the hole the belt is/should be fastened on.

The space from the last hole to the tip of the belt is about 5″ unless otherwise specified.  Five holes in all, two on each side of measurement, one inch apart.


                 Genuine Leather Belts are also available in 1″, 1 1/4″, and 13/4″ widths,                                                                                                 as well as narrower women’s belts.

Additional information

Buckle Finish

Nickel over Brass, Solid Brass

Buckle Shape

Horseshoe, Oval, Rectangle


Chocolate ~A, Dark Brown ~H, Black -C, Chestnut- D, Medium Brown – B, Tan – E


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