Handmade Leather Jewelry


Handmade Leather Jewelry from the Paradise Collection is for women who like to wear breathtaking jewelry that will attract attention and start conversations.



Handmade Leather Jewelry

Handmade Leather Jewelry from the Paradise Collection is one of a kind, like a sunset on the shores of paradise, each hand painted piece from the Paradise Collection, will attract attention, start conversations and will be admired by many.

Enjoy the fabulous colors from the beaches of paradise, stir up memories of vacations gone by, or just get inspired by the breathtaking seashores from the world’s most spectacular tropical beaches.

If you’re looking for a birthday gift, a gift for a special friend, or a little something for yourself, the Paradise Collection is the perfect choice.

Paradise Pendants


Paradise Pendants are statement pieces that will draw attention and  attract new acquaintances when others stop to admire them.

The Heart-shaped Pendants can be adjusted to any length so they can compliment any neckline. Just pull the ends of the leather cord to adjust the length, for any neckline, with ease.   

Got metal allergies?  The adjustable leather cord is the answer!

The Pendants in the Paradise Collection come in two sizes and two different styles.

The details on each size are explained below.

Tender Heart Pendants

Tender Heart Pendants are the smaller size hearts, yet are bold enough to stand out and be noticed.  It is the size of a one and a half inch square.

The heart-shaped pendants are strung on a leather cord that can be adjusted with ease, to compliment any neckline.

They will make a wonderful gift for those hard to buy for youth, millennials,  or older women on your list.


If you want to create a complete ensemble that will brighten the day and warm the heart of anyone lucky enough to receive it, then add a pair of earrings or a hair clip to your order.

Tender Heart Earrings

leather necklaces

Compliment the Tender Heart Pendant  with a matching pair of leather feather earrings. 

The earrings in the Tender Hearts Collection are small.  They are 2 3/4″ in length, and most think they are real feathers, but unlike the real thing leather  feathers won’t get messed up or break. 



Tender Heart Barrettes

Add a Clip Barrette to a Tender Heart Pendant and Earrings to complete the set.  The Tender Hearts have a 4″ clip so they will hold a good amount of hair and are perfect for a hot tropical evening or a summer day trip.

Tropical Heart Pendants

Tropical Hearts are statement pieces that will be noticed and admired by many.  Whether you’re ready for a night out, a walk along a tropical beach,  or just a casual daytime adventure, Tropical Heart Pendants are the perfect choice  They are the size of a two inch square.


Save when you add a a pair of Tropical Heart Earrings or a Barrette to your Tropical Heart Pendant above.  Create a stunning set that will attract attention and turn heads!


Tropical Heart Earrings

Tropical Heart Earrings are the extra large length.  The total length is 5″, yet they are so light you will forget your wearing them until the compliments start rolling in!

Earrings, like the Tropical Hearts, are perfect for those with long hair.  They will make a statement as they dangle from your lobes!



Tropical Heart Stick Barrettes

Add a matching Leather Feather Stick Barrette to the Tropical Heart Pendant to complete the set.   Stick Barrettes are the  perfect way to put your hair up, for anyone with very thick, or long hair.  They are not heavy on your head, yet they are strong enough to hold your hair in place.


Precious Heart Pendants

Bring a little piece of Paradise home with a Precious Heart Pendant.  Both of these pendants include a piece of coral from the shores of paradise and a semi-precious nugget.

The Amethyst stone in the Bahama Beauty Pendant is perfect for those who need to clear their minds of negative thought, stress and anxiety. It helps to refocus ones energy in a positive more productive manner therefore  increasing efficiency.

A stone of unconditional love , the rose quartz in the Tropical Sunset Precious Heart Pendant,  deepens one’s ability to give and receive love.  The perfect gift for that special someone, it is sure to make an impact.

Precious Hearts Earrings


The Bahama Beauty earrings are the long like the Tropical Heart earrings.  They are 5″ long and have Sterling Silver ear wires.

The Tropical Sunset earring are the small size, 2 3/4″ long and have 14K Gold over Sterling ear wires.  


Precious Heart Barrettes


The Bahama Beauty set also has a matching stick barrette ($12.00).  The Tropical Sunset set has a matching 4″ clip barrette ($12.50).

 Either barrette is perfect to hold your hair up on a warm summer day or for a night out in a tropical paradise.

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Aruba Dusk, Bahama Beauty, Bali Blues, Barbados Bonfire, Caribbean Waters, Fuji Horizon, Maui Morning, Paradise Evening, Paradise Petals, Tropical Sunset


Preciuos Hearts, Tender Hearts, Tropical Hearts


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