Leather Butterfly Earrings – wire dangles

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Leather Butterfly  Earrings are more than just accessories – these beautiful works of art are the perfect way to show off your unique style!


Leather Butterfly Earrings


These unique Leather Butterfly Earrings are more than just accessories – they are the perfect way to show off your unique style!  Each piece is handcrafted and constructed from leather making them extremely lightweight.  These beautiful works of art are hand-painted to resemble real butterflies. With these earrings, you can make a powerful statement anytime, anywhere

Butterflies are such magical creatures. They are deep and powerful representations of life.  Many cultures from around the world view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.  They are full of mystique, beauty, and grace.  They are symbols of positive transformation and the dance of joy. 

These gorgeous, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind earrings, will catch the eyes of many admirers. Furthermore, they are made from eco-friendly leather and paints. 

 Like real butterflies, leather butterfly earrings are so light, they will flutter in the wind.  What do these magical creatures represent to you?


Leather Butterfly Earrings, will flutter their way into the hearts of many.

Each one-of-a-kind leather butterfly jewelry piece is hand-painted.  They are available in a variety of colors to enhance any wardrobe.  They are great for work, a casual night out, or a daytime outing.  Furthermore, they are made of leather, so they are light as a feather!  Tiny and delicate-looking, yet durable, leather butterfly jewelry is great for young and old alike.

Pink Hairstreak
Royal Hairstreak
Pink Indian Leaf

From the office to the dance floor, these eye-catching earrings will be the talk of the town. They’re an absolute must-have for any fashionista or jewelry lover. But don’t let their delicate appearance deceive you – these earrings are ultra-durable and will last for years without any issues.

Crowned Hairstreak

The perfect earrings to add a touch of delicacy and whimsy to your look, these Leather Butterfly Earrings are hand-painted, hypoallergenic, and are extremely lightweight. They resemble real butterflies and will bring a pop of color and movement to any outfit. Their sleek leather material is remarkably comfortable so you can wear them all day and all night without having to worry about any discomfort. Plus, their lightweight design won’t weigh down your ears.

Gold Leaf

The hypoallergenic nature of these Leather Butterfly Earrings also makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin. With their vibrant colors and intricate design, your friends will be sure to take notice of these beautiful earrings. They truly make a statement, and you’ll have all eyes on you when you wear these earrings.

Blue Swallowtail

Whatever your style, the Leather Butterfly Earrings will add a touch of elegant finesse and beautifully accentuate any outfit. So shop now and add these lovely earrings to your collection and you’ll be sure to turn heads!


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Agrias, Blue Swallowtail, Brushfoot, Cloudwing, Crowned Hairstreak, Gold Leaf, Metalmark, Monarch, Paradise Petals, Pink Hairstreak, Pink Indian Leaf, Royal Hairstreak, Ulysses, Urandid

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  1. Jan

    Diane Healey Forest
    I have 3 pair of butterflies and 1 peacock feathers, they are amazing. These are my favorite go-to earrings for every occasion.

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