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Hand-Painted Leather Bag Loons Lovers can Enjoy Year Round


Hand-Painted Leather Tote Bags Loons Lovers can Enjoy Year Round.  Great tote bags for everyday use as well as bags for laptops, cameras, or overnight bags. Keep your essentials organized in a beautiful bag that is sure to attract attention!



Hand-Painted Leather Tote Bags Loon Watchers will Love

Each Tote Bag has 3 Matching Accessories to make a complete set.

Loon Leather Tote Bags

leather tote bags

Leather Tote Bags with Loons are the perfect travel accessory for anyone who enjoys spending time relaxing, watching,  and listening to loons.  They will make the long winters a little warmer as each one of a kind hand carved  scene evokes fond memories of that lakeside life…and the loons.

Unfortunately , some of these totes are not longer available because the leather was a limited edition.

Below you will find the totes that will still be available.  A new Collection of Leather Tote Bags will be coming out in June,  2022.

Buckskin Leather Tote Bag "Alarm Signal"

Zippered Pouch, Journal, Card

This Buckskin Leather Tote has a nice soft buttery feel.  The panel on the front has a Loon exhibiting the Alarm Signal Dance meaning keep away!

Match accessories include a zipper pouch 7″ that’s perfect for cosmetics or change.

A small refillable mini composition Journal is another addition to this set. It is perfect to record your Loon and wildlife encounters.

The third component to the set is a cardholder for credit or business cards.  It has a snap closure and does not have a loon carving.

Multi Pocket Maroon Tote Bag


In addition to the large front pocket, this bag also has two back pockets. The back pockets are large enough to hold sunglasses and a cell phone and inside there is a large interior divider.

leather tote bags

This tote is made from soft and supple maroon leather and has lots of pockets to keep you organized.                                The “Rest Time” Tote is 16 ” long and 11″ tall.    $185.

Matching accessories include the cosmetic/change purse and a small notebook, both with a carved loon scene, and a card case.

Zippered Pouch, Notebook, Card

Hand-Painted Leather Bag Loons Lovers can Enjoy Year Round

Long Handled Laptop Bag
Camera & Accessories Bag
Travel Bag

This hand-painted leather bag is something loon lovers can enjoy and use year-round.  It’s the perfect bag to hold a large laptop and the accessories as well. It’s available with a long handle, a short handle, or both, whatever works best for you.


Zippered Pouch, Notebook. Card

Are you a nature photographer that needs a bag to carry all your essential equipment while you venture out to photograph nature’s wonders?

This bag is great for weekend trips where you enjoy watching and hearing loons!

Can you imagine the look on a loved one’s face who enjoys watching loons when they open one of these bags as a gift?  How great would that make you feel knowing that you gave a gift that will be used and cherished for many, many years a gift like no other?

Brand New Leather Bag Loons Lovers can Enjoy Year Round

loon and chick

For those of us who are loon lovers, the winter months can be long and quiet without the sound and enjoyment of the loons we enjoy so much.  The leather bags from this collection are designed so you can enjoy loons year round no matter where your travels take you.  Each bag has a hand-carved and painted Loon Scene and each will be a little different, making it uniquely yours.

Additional information


Buckskin, Maroon, Royal Blue, Russet


Accessories 3 Pc. Set, Mini Journal, Mini Notepad, Tote Bag, Zippered Pouch


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