Mechanic Belt Eliminates Buckle Rash for Guitarists!


A Mechanic Belt has no metal buckle to cause buckle rash on your beloved guitar. Matching Guitar Straps feature hand-tooled original designs and are fully padded to provide insane comfort.

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Mechanic Belt Eliminates Buckle Rash for Guitarists!


Introducing the Mechanic Belt: the perfect accessory for musicians. This stylish and innovative belt is designed to eliminate buckle rash, a common issue experienced by musicians when wearing a traditional leather belt. 

This stylish and functional accessory is designed to prevent scratches to the back of your instrument, so you can play your music without ruining your beloved guitar.

Mechanic Belts are available in 3 widths to meet your needs and are custom sizes to assure the perfect fit.

The revolutionary Mechanic Belt – the ultimate guitar accessory designed to give you the freedom to play without the worry of buckle rash. Made from 100% pure leather, this belt features a unique hook closure s that attaches on the inside with no metal exposed. With an extra comfortable fit, our Mechanics Belt ensures you’re never hindered from playing your best and brightest. Each Mechanic Belt is custom fit so you will not need to worry about finding the correct length.


3 1/2" Guitar Straps with Mechanic Belt Options

The  Musician’s Delight  Guitar/Belt Combos were designed with the musician in mind.  Musicians love the wider straps because of the amazing comfort they provide so they can play enjoyably for hours.

The Guitar Straps are fully padded and adjustable so you will be provided with unsurpassed comfort for hours of playing pleasure.  Many options are available when you order a custom strap.

leather-guitar -strap-matching-belt
professional guitar straps

All products are sure to become lifelong treasures and will endure all of your musical adventures. Many styles and designs are available so you are sure to find one that suits your needs and compliments your personal style.  Custom alterations are available at no extra charge.

Guitar Straps:

  • premium leather

  • cut from US hides

  • choice of lining- leather or suede

  • choice of adjustment straps- one end or both ends

  • 1/2 foam padding

  • free custom alterations

Mechanic Belts are not just for Mechanics!


The belts included in the Guitar/Belt Combos feature a mechanics style buckle and come in 3 widths – 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, and 1 3/4″, so you are sure to find one to suit your needs!  The Belts are available in solid colors as well as with designs to match the guitar strap. Musicians love that the belt hooks from the inside, leaving no metal buckle exposed to scratch the back of your instrument or pinch your stomach while playing.  Belts come with matching tooled designs in addition to solid colors.

Leather Belts:

  • premium US hides
  • available in solid colors or with matching designs
  • custom fit
  • available in several widths
  • Order with a traditional buckle if desired.

How to Determine the Correct Size for your Mechanic Belt

Measure a belt that you are currently wearing from the tip end of the buckle to the hole most often used. (This includes the Buckle length in the measurement.)

Belt Sizing DiagramBelt Sizing Diagram

This measurement will tell you the correct size to order. 

Method B:

Using a cloth tape measure, measure around your waist going through the loops of you pants and pull it just to (not too tight, but not too loose). For example: If the measurement is 34 1/2″ then order the belt that length.

ALL BELTS ARE CUSTOM FIT  if you would like your belt sized differently- more /less holes or longer/shorter at tip please SPECIFY.  Since all belts are custom fit, they are non-returnable, but free customizing (shortening, more holes) are available whenever needed.

Additional information

Weight1.75 lbs
Dimensions13.5 × 10 × 6 in
Belt Width

1.25, 1.5, 1.75

Belt Design

Plain, Stamped


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