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Medium Leaf Trays from the Greenery Collection


Medium Leaf Trays from the Greenery Collection will allow you to bring the beauty of our natural world into your home without needing a green thumb.    Four different realistic leaf shapes along with information on the medical and practical uses American Indians derived from these trees.

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Medium Leaf Trays from the Greenery Collection will rejuvenate your home with flourishing foliage.  Bring the refreshing colors of spring greenery into your home.  Leaf Trays are as beautiful as they are functional.     Perfect for hostess, house-warming, teacher, or wedding gifts when looking for a unique gift that is sure to be a hit!  Also they are great as a decorative accent to use for nuts, candy, crackers or trinkets.  They are  perfect for families since they are unbreakable and are finished with  non-toxic paint.


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leaf trays- medium

           Sugar Maple
If you want to identify Sugar Maple look for 5 distinct lobes on each leaf.
It was American Indians who discovered how to collect and boil the sap to make maple sugar and syrup.  It was the primary sweetener used in food and was used in place of sugar.  Collecting enough  to last year round was important since  tapping is seasonal.


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leaf trays- medium

             White Oak
In order to identify White oak from Red oak  look for round lobes on the leaf tips. The Red Oak has pointy tips.  Acorns from both varieties can be ground into flour.  Soaking or boiling the nuts in water will remove the tannin or bitter flavor prior to grinding.  The tannin from oak trees  is still use today in the tanning process to turn animal hides into leather.
The bark is also used to treat asthma, and for cough medicines.


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Beechwood is a common building material for North-eastern US Indian Tribes.
Wood from Beeches is perfect for wigwam, long house frames, snowshoes, and Lacrosse Sticks since it will remain pliable without cracking, even when dry.  To treat stomach aches, arthritis,  and ulcers you can crush the leaves and bark.  The leaves were crushed into a poultice to treat burns & sores.  Beech nuts were ground and used in bread.   Also combining the nuts with bear grease will make a bug repellent.


medium leaf tray

Pounding and then slowly boiling Hickory nuts produces oil.   Skimming the oil from the surface after boiling the nuts provides a substitute for butter.    Inhaling the fumes from fresh Hickory shoots smoldering on hot stones treats convulsions.
Hickory is the perfect hardwood for making bows.


Leaf Trays


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