Nature’s Rainbow Leather Feather Jewelry Collection


Nature’s Rainbow  Leather Jewelry Collection includes Earrings , Necklaces, Pins and Barrettes , and Cuffs in feather shapes, that are the color of real birds.

Affordable for every budget, prices starting at $ 14.99 .


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Nature’s Rainbow Leather Jewelry Collection includes Earrings , Pins and Barrettes handcrafted from leather, so light, unique and beautiful.  Pieces can be purchased individually or as a set.  Affordable for every budget, prices start at $14.99 .

Nature's Rainbow

The collection  contains  leather earrings in feather shapes that are  the colors of real birds.

The feathers are available in 4 sizes.                                                                         Small = 1 1/2″   $14.99       Medium = 2 1/4″   $16.99         Large = 3″                                                                   Extra Large = 3 1/2″-4″

Clasp Barrettes are available in 3 sizes. 

All sizes and colors are not shown, but are available to order.

The barrettes are available in 10 different colors.  All are named after the birds that inspired them.

The small barrettes have a 2″ clasp and are great for kids,  or to hold a small amount of hair.  They are the same size as a large earring. The regular price is $11.99. 

The medium barrettes have a 3″ clasp and are the same size as an extra large earring. The regular price is $12.49.

The large barrettes have a  4″ clasp.  They are 4 1/2″ long.  The regular price is $13.49.

Lady Amherst not shown,  but are      available.

Stick Barrettes hold a lot of hair.  They are available in large and extra large.  If you have a lot of hair these are the babies for you!

The Stick Barrettes are shown below.  The regular barrettes are $12.49, but when purchased with a pair of earrings from the Nature’s Rainbow Collection.

The extra large barrettes are usually $13.99.

Nature's Rainbow Collection

The pins in the Nature’s Rainbow Collection have a small 1″ pin back.  The leather pin is 2 1/4″ in length. They are available in all the colors to match the barrettes and earrings above.  $9.99

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