The Pocket Book Collection : Journals, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Planners ,Tablet Cover


Forever keepsakes to help organize life. Find  Journals, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Planners, or Tablet Cover to keep you organized throughout the day.




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The Pocket Book Collection : Journals, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Planners ,Tablet Cover.

The Leather Book Covers in this series  consists of a variety of Planners, Journals, Notebooks and Sketchbook Covers to help keep busy people like you organized no matter where life’s adventures lead.  All are sure to become lifelong treasures.

Planners in the Pocketbook series come in 3 colors and are roomy enough to hold credit cards, cash, change, checkbook as well as a removable/refillable planner. Click Pocket Planner photo to order and for more info. $150. – $178.

Pocketbook Journals are uniquely styled and are as functional as they are beautiful. Whatever adventures you decide to record they will be kept safe forever more.  The perfect companion for busy people on the go.  $150. – $170.

Spiral Notebook Covers in the Pocketbook series are perfect for students.  They  come in 2 styles and 3 colors.  Design panel on the front is a pocket  to keep your cell phone safe, easily accessible, yet out of sight and protected. Click the Pocketbook Notebook tab above to find out more details or to place an order.  $145. – $160.

Pocket Sketchbooks come in 2 sizes. 6×9 and 9×12.  Both hold side bound sketch books.  They have a roomy back pouch perfect to hold art supplies- paints, pencils, erasers, etc.  Stylish nail closure.  The perfect companion for art students and artists!Click on the Pocket Sketchbook tab above to find out more details.  $145. – $195.

The Tabfolio is a Tablet Cover and Notepad in one.   Center compartment has elastic adjustments to hold multiple sizes of Tablets, Tablet fit snuggly into pocket at bottom.  Top Velcro flap keeps Tablet safely in place while traveling. Click photo below to order a Tabfolio.  $195.

Tablet Cover and Notepad in one!




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