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Hobby Horses Make Great Gifs for Children who Love Horses



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Hobby Horses Make Great Gifs for Children ~ a Flashback from the Past


These adorable Hobby Horses are made from soft suede leather.  They are available in several colors and will bring joy to any child who receives one.

Spark their imagination and creative play with a vintage toy that has not gone out of style.

It is the perfect gift for a young horse-lover.

Hobby Horses will Delight Young Cowboys and Cowgirls and will spark their imagination without the use of electronics!

Children will enjoy galloping around the house and yard with their brand new Hobby Horses. These hobby horses are perfect for chasing each other and creating your own little world. 

Hobby Horses have a lovely temperament and are always ready for kissing, hugging, or grooming.

They will always be ready for a wild gallop or jumping the highest fence.

They can kindle love and excitement, and spark the imagination.


The moment the little boy shown here saw the Hobby Horse he wanted it.  He named him Sparky and they rode off happily into the sunset together.

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Brown/Rust Mane, Dark Brown/Green Mane, Lt Blue/Royal Blue Mane, Rust/Brown Mane


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