Big Valley Collection: Women’s Fashion Leather Belts



The Big Valley Belts shown here are decorated with traditional hand tooling methods.  The tooling is created one impression at a time rather than embossing which rolls a repeating pattern onto the leather.  

The Victoria Belts, shown below, are Women’s Contour Belts in styles which are inspired by past, but have a contemporary twist.  They feature original styles and designs.  The design panel attaches to the one inch strap on both sides using button studs.  This allows for multiple styling options.  Wear it lower with jeans or up on your waist with a skirt or dress.   

The Women’s Fashion Leather Belts shown here make up the Audra Belts.                                    The Audra Belts, shown below, are 2″ wide at the center and narrow to one inch to buckle. They are available with 4 different original designs, so there is something for all.  Since each belt will be custom fit you will receive a perfectly fitting belt no matter the size.  

Furthermore, these Women’s Contour Belts are the perfect waist belt for dresses or skirts.

Women's Contour Belts


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