What Material is Both Natural & Long Lasting, and has Many Uses?


Many of us today are concerned about the environment and the impact consumers play. Recycling has become part of our everyday lives as we purchase more and more prepackaged products.

Did you know leather is one of the oldest forms of recycling?  Leather hides today are bi-products from the food industry. Animals are not raised to make leather. Instead of adding them to the landfills, the hides are made into leather,  which has many uses.  Leather is both versatile and long-lasting. 

The manufacturing process, when done with good environmental controls, has minimal impact and produces a material that is durable, and is completely bio-degradable! 

The same basic raw material can be turned into a wide variety of “fabrics” which can be used to make products from gloves, to car seats, to saddles, to clothing and accessories.


Leather Has Natural Comfort

Leather is an amazing product.  When made into clothing, leather provides comfort because it is breathable and allows the body temperature to regulate.  It will naturally hold moisture away from the skin until it evaporates to the outside.


Leather has Natural Beauty

Leather has a natural beauty that, unlike most materials, only gets better with age.  

Leather has long been used for luxury goods, from expensive handbags to footwear and clothing. It has a distinctive touch and durability that cannot be replicated with synthetic materials.

Leather is a natural material that triggers the senses thus creating a user experience that is more emotional.

Leather is Easy to Maintain and Repair

Another factor that makes leather sustainable is its longevity.  Leather requires little in the way of lifetime maintenance and it is something that can be done at home.  Leather articles that are well designed can normally be repaired, often many times, as it is rarely the leather that wears out.

If kept dry and reasonably clean items of leather, like books, clothing, furniture, wall hangings, automotive upholstery and the like can last indefinitely.  Leather has been used for centuries and is evident in many museum displays.

My First Leather Item made in 1977

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Jan Hibbard was born and raised in Wakefield, Mass. My love of animals and my interest in crafts developed as a child. My journey with leather began 42 years ago as I working on my teaching degree in Boston. Barnes & Noble opened in downtown Boston and I found a book on leatherwork. It mentioned 2 leather companies located in Boston. I went there the next day and I purchased my first hide of leather and a few tools. I made a leather vest which I still wear today. My LOVE of leather was born and it continues to grow.