The Story Behind Belts from Log Cabin Leather

Belts have always been my best sellers.  For those who have purchased a belt in person…It is an experience.                The first sense to be aroused is the sense of smell.  There is nothing like the smell of leather.  For most it brings back fond memories.  They they feel the quality of the solid leather strap.  They examine it closely noticing that it is made from one thick piece of leather.  It is not sewn together, so it will last years not months.                                                     All belts are custom fit so you get a quality belt that is exactly what you want with the size and fit you need, including the choice of buckle shape and finish.        Hand tooled belts feature unique original designs that cannot be found anywhere else, so if you want to express your unique style and make a statement, look no further.                                      My Dad loved my belts and although he is no longer here, several of the belts I made for him back in the early 80’s, are still being worn today.  Some by me and others on my son. 

          There are many ways designs can be put on leather.  Most factory made designs are embossed on  leather.  A design is pressed into the leather by machine.  Designs can also be burned into leather.  This darkens and etches a design.  My designs are hand stamped.  Each impression is hammered into damp leather.  Hand stamped designs make deeper impressions. Embossed designs will fade out over time, stamped designs won’t.

The designs I create are hand stamped.  Tools  with different designs are hammered into the leather in geometric patterns to create my designs.  Some of my design stamps are shown above.

I use wing dividers ( top right) to scribe a center line and to mark reference points where the design repeats.  All designs are different, but usually that first impression stamped becomes the reference point to stamp the next design. The design builds from there.    Whether I am creating a stamped design for a belt, guitar strap or a book cover, I begin by scribing a  line and then I mark center and other reference points.  I pick up a tool and I begin stamping.  I build the design as I go.  Once the design repeats I can mark reference points.  All my designs are symmetrical.

After the design is complete, color is added.   This is done randomly, so even if I repeat the same design the coloring will be totally different.  

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Solid Color Belts

Hand Tooled Leather Belts